DIY or Electrical Engineer?

So you have an electrical problem in the home and you fancy having a go at repairing it yourself rather than get a fully qualified electrical contractor in to do the work for you.

Some people are temped to go down the DIY route but end up regretting it as further damage may happen or end up getting hurt.

Most people are aware of the dangers of electric and do not want to get an electric shock by making a simple mistake. So it is advisable to leave the wires well alone and get some professional help before something unfortunate happens.

So once you have decided on getting in some help you will need to do some searching.

Some people are fortunate enough to have a family member, friend or neighbor that is actually an electrician. Or know someone who has had some work done in recent times and can give a recommendation.

If not, you will have to start from scratch. You may have a local paper with classified adverts where you can find someone.

If you are doing your research online, you will need to search for something area specific like electrical contractors in north london.

If you manage to find a website or company that you like there are certain things that should be in place before you even concsider hiring them.

They should be qualified first and foremost and be a member of a governing body such as the NICEIC.

They should also have valid insurance that covers the customer should something go wrong.

They should have references also on the electricians website that you can check out also.

If it makes you feel more comfortable you can also ask to see any paperwork face to face which will be obliged by a good trades person.

Get more than one quote so you can compare. It is important to get value for money but not always the best option to go with the cheapest so be careful.





Using Airbnb

Launched in 2008 Airbnb is a popular choice for people traveling around the world helping them find suitable accommodation in a number of cities in Europe and Worldwide.

Advice for for Airbnb hosts or want to try renting a property yourself we will discuss it in this short post.

Airbnb is regarded as a great way of saving money while having a great travel experience.


With Airbnb it is possible to rent a variety of properties from villas to a yacht but it does not stop there. It is also possible to rent out a spare room in someones home while the owners are still living there. You can do this for long or shot periods of time.

There is a huge choice to pick from with well over half a million listings spanning just under two hundred countries.

With such a huge amount of listings you can pretty much stay anywhere. You do not have to stick to the main tourist part of a particular town. You may have local knowledge and you are visiting a town for a few days you may find a specific property to rent in an are that you would otherwise not really think about staying in.


This may benefit you if you are visiting a popular event like a festival and are only looking at a three or four day stay.

If you are a little hesitant in booking a property or are slightly nervous about staying in a strangers house, there are certain safety measures that are put in place by Airbnb to add to your safety and security giving you peace of mind.

Every will have to provide identification that has to be scanned and verified. Also the phone number is verified also so you can not just put random contact detail.

In conclusion, if you are looking to rent somewhere a little different check out the listings to find something that suits you best.

For more Airbnb management tips and advice please go to the Yourwelcome site.

The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Furniture

Most people think that the terms modern and contemporary designer sofas are one and the same thing. However, this is not the case. For starters, contemporary design keeps on changing. It is not static. On the other hand, the modern design is a style that was created between 1920’s and 1950’s. It is a static design.

Once you have a clear understanding of the difference between contemporary and modern, you will have an easy time understanding the modern and contemporary furniture difference.

The modern furniture styles are characterized by the clean, unadorned interior decors. The materials used are natural and include:

  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Teak
  • Linen
  • Molded plywood
  • Plastic
  • Polished metal

The modern furniture is also very open and raised a few inches off the floor to allow aeration. Presently, modern furniture is also referred to as retro.

On the other hand, contemporary furniture designs refer to the popularly used designs of the future. These designs are normally very eclectic. Contemporary borrows styles and pieces from different style eras. Most modern furniture designs are normally incorporated in contemporary designs. In many other cases, mill work and traditional moldings are also used in contemporary designs.

Some of the ways that a contemporary home design can look like include:

  • Putting large windows
  • Having odd or unique shapes
  • Designing an open plan house, e.t.c.

Some of the elements used for contemporary furniture are natural materials such as

  • Cedar
  • Stone
  • Fir

In a contemporary home, the key importance is comfort and sustainability. The finishing details are spotless. In about 10-20 years from now, something else will be considered as contemporary.


Modern is quiet and peaceful whereas contemporary is vibrant and attention seeking. When choosing a design, remember that you can use modern furniture designs in your contemporary furniture designs but not vice versa.

The Importance of Carrying a EHIC Card When Traveling In the EU

When finalizing their  EU travelling arrangements, many UK citizens commit the  big mistake of forgetting to confirm  their travelling documents, only to reach the airport or travel destination and realize they forgot to carry one important document with them, well known European Health Insurance card (EHIC). The reality of the situation sinks even deeper when you find yourself admitted in an unknown Public hospital and with no valid travel insurance document to cover you. By having a valid EHIC card near you, you can rescue yourself and your family members from such a situation as through the card, you will have access to free or subsidized medical treatment for your well being.

Important Added Benefits of the EHIC Card

Secure Traveling: as a UK traveler, the EHIC card acts as a form of medical security during your business or holiday trip as with it you will be able to accessing quality medical services for free or at minimal cost across Britain, Sweden, and other European Union member states. In cases where NHS or travel insurance policy is not be enough to cover your medical bills; the EHIC card will do it for you.

Saves Money: with a EHIC card, most EEA will waiver the excesses in your medical bills. This is an excellent point to consider when budgeting for travelling expenses for yourself and family.

Equal Access to Medical Treatment: as a UK citizen and Member of the European Economy Area, one of the many advantages of having a renewed EHIC card is that when you fall sick while in another state other than your own, you will receive medical care services befitting of a local citizen. This is important in giving you the confidence that whenever you fall sick outside the UK, you will still be well taken care off

Get Extended Health Services: the EHIC services are quite comprehensive to cater for also your medical needs. If for instance you are pregnant or have been involved in a road accident, the EHIC card ensures that you are able to pay for medical checkups and any bills amounting from medical treatment at the hospital.

As a UK citizen, having a medical condition such as kidney failure should not worry or stop you from exploring the vast and beautiful European Economic Areas. Tha is because the EHIC card also covers for Kidney dialysis treatment.


Carrying an EHIC card when traveling in EU is a clever step in securing your travel experience across the EU. It provides you with a chance to enjoy free, subsidized and quality services across the European Economic Area. Include it among your travel documents and see how well it works for you.

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Top 5 tips for quick and easy house clearance

House clearance is a task that requires time, energy and resources but with these 5 tips for quick and easy house clearance, it need not be an impossible task;

  1. Plan – It is advisable to have a plan of what you need to do and how you want to go about it. Allocate several hours each day and state clearly which task you would like to undertake. This should keep you on track and acts like a time table of sorts. Allocate some free days to catch up on things not completed so that you don’t leave things half way done.
  2. Getting the right materials – When it comes to home clearance, you will need a lot of materials; from cleaning equipment to storage equipment. Factor in what methods of waste disposal you consider employing. Areas like the garage and garden would need big bins or rubbish bags that might need to be taken to your local disposal site. Consider the best options for disposal and try recycle as much as you can.
  3. Support – Gather your family members and involve them in this process. Divide the sections that need to be cleared for example you can decide to clear the basement on a day when the family members are in and can assist. You can even make a fun activity out of it by inviting friends and making it an interesting project the whole family can take part in. Put some fun music, have drinks and snacks ready and have a family and friends weekend.
  4. Make money – There are quite a few ways to make money out of house clearances. You can put away some items that you don’t need and have a garage sale or car boot sale where the items and sold at a very affordable price. This helps you get rid of old items you no longer, also gets rid of clutter while making some money.
  5. Get rid of furniture – If you want to get rid of furniture you have the option of posting a local advertisement or better yet, use the online boards where you can place your listing and find a buyer quickly. You can also choose to donate your furniture to your local charity which might appreciate the gesture. You can also find out whether there are any stores which might buy the old furniture to repurpose them. This is a great way to get rid of old furniture and gives you a chance to redecorate the house giving it a fresh new look.                                                                                                                 Read more on


Use these top 5 tips to help you quickly and easily clear your house.

Sarah’s Evaluation of Greenworks

My husband really chuckled in me personally initially when I first introduced house this particular backyard slimmer he’d already been requesting for… a minimum of, I believed it had been exactly what he’d already been requesting (and, since it ends up, We was not up to now off… this individual simply did not understand this himself). “You contact that the slimmer” this individual requested, directing to some full-page Home Depot ad depicting a good certainly extra-large gas-guzzler. “This is really a slimmer!” I had been informed, even while we gazed along with mingled question and amazement on the three-digit price linked to the item within question… that, we could not assist however observe, have been filled to appear as if this had been two times the dimensions of the personal position alongside this. Within retrospect, my husband definitely realized this particular — at least I really hope this individual do — and had been most likely fooling beside me, however nonplussed the same if he noticed the dimensions of the brand new electric weed eater I would purchased your pet. “Look!” this individual announced, directing in the package. “It requires a wire!”

“I got a new wire,” We answered, sense a little miffed.

“Yes, however it requirements ”

“Gas trimmers require fuel, ” We answered, possibly a little more huffy compared to I ought to happen to be; this individual instantly appeared recalcitrant, and introduced their brand new electric weed eater outdoors for any jovially announced “test rewrite. ” We vow, absolutely no person ought to be therefore normally passionate regarding fundamental yard treatment repairs and maintenance. The phrase “landscaping” had been developed exclusively to really make it audio a minimum of a little enjoyable, while visiting reality it is probably the most mind numbing and calcifying point in the world. They might pain detainees in Guantanamo these types of along with the movie associated with landscapers in work… each and every edge associated with lawn reduce, each and every weed trimmed… those individuals might speak after that, we assure this.

Anyway, my husband introduced their brand new GreenWorks electric weed eater outdoors, connected this within, and dismissed upward. It ought to be pointed out that it is instead small and lightweight weed eater, that i purchased particularly using the considered helping using the yard work myself.

Fortunately, we were not as well attached with the idea associated with helping utilizing the cutting (“… and trimming! These sides are wonderful!”) Because it is unlikely, that I am likely to get this out of husband’s fingers. I am concerned which he has likely to wish to retain it within the bedroom, I am talking about it is truly nearly troubling at this stage. I simply noticed your pet, not really 30 minutes back, petting their brand new electric weed eater because this individual unplugged this through our own yard store.

Electric Weed Eaters – Ideal for You

Sarah from Oregon delivered me personally this particular evaluation previously, once I assisted right here away getting a brand new slimmer for his or her backyard. There is a quite big backyard, therefore to them the electric battery powered 1 had been on the query — despite 2 batteries. The fuel-powered bit of equipment might be stronger, however includes the disadvantages (which is the reason why I love to suggest corded trimmers for normal non-commercial horticulture work)

The girl wound up with the Greenworks-21212 corded trimmer — so that as you are able to inform through the evaluation, each the girl and the girl husband want using the option. Should you not this particular specific model of thread trimmers, it is possibly the greatest corded trimmers available on the market — along with a 5 star typical of all online shops and evaluation websites

Take care of your sleep


Insomnia is a very common disease, not only occurs in older people but also happens in the young. Is there any way to get a good sleep? How to have a better sleep?

Exercise regular can help you sleep better and wake up on timeboth in the holidays and the weekends

Insomnia is regulated by a “circadian clock” in the brain and balance the time to sleep and the time to wake of the body. People wake up at a fixed time in the morning, that enhances biological functions and help you sleep better at night. From 5 pm to 6 pm is the perfect time for exercise.

Establish a habit before sleeping

Some good habits are the same as relaxing treatments, soaking in a warm bath, reading a book or listening to music. Avoid exciting activities before go to bed. Some studies suggested that soaking in warm water before sleeping can promote the transition of the brain into deeper sleep. If you can not avoid stress, you should learn relax therapy from a specialist. Finally, avoid exposure to light when going to bed, the darkness helps our brain secretes melatonin, reduce alertness, increase feelings of drowsiness and cause physiological sleep.

Create a favorable environment

The necessary conditions for your environment sleep are cool, quiet, comfortable. Your bedroom reflects the value which you place on sleep. Check your bedroom, eliminate noise or other distractions such as light, snoring and hot dry conditions, moisture, fans and other equipment.

Smooth mattresses and pillows

The pillows and mattresses need to clean, you should wash them after 1 or 2 weeks. Comfortable materials and hypoallergenic materials are the first priority for your sleep. In addition, the color of pillows and mattresses also make attractive for your bedroom. Besides, you should put your computer and television out of the bedroom.

Eating before bedtime from 2 to 3 hours

Eating or drinking too much may make uncomfortable when going to bed. Also, spicy foods may cause heartburn, which leads to sleeplessness and discomfort at night. Try restrict liquids to avoid waking up at night to use the toilet, but milk or herbal teas without caffeine are useful before bedtime. Finally, smoking makes you difficult to go to sleep, it also can cause nightmares.