A Simple Guidance for You in Best E Cig

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The electronic cigarette is a replacement product of non combustion smoke class. The characteristics of E-cigarette are similar with general cigarette, both of which can refresh, satisfy the pleasure and the using habit with old nurturance of smokers. However, it is different essentially from ordinary cigarettes. The electronic cigarette doesn’t burn and has no tar in it. The E-cigarette does not contain the chemical substances that can cause respiratory and cardiovascular system disease, but it can be produced when the ordinary was burning, thereby it has removed the cancer chemicals in the ordinary cigarette. Also it hasn’t the hazard of second-hand smoke to other people and is friendly to environment.

The users can feel the same pleasure with traditional cigarette when they are smoking the E-cigarette. It has really simulated the entire process of smoking from the angle of people’s psychology and physiology. The E-cigarette has created safe and healthy smoking method with the true means of high technology and has made the smoking culture future-oriented owning health, environmental protection and humanity.

The E-cigarette is made of the microelectronics components of high technology such as aerodynamic sensing circuit, intelligent control circuit, servo execution circuit, intelligent chip, ultrasonic atomization generator, spray chamber, lithium ion battery. So the humanized function of high technology such as air flow sensor, smoke simulations, the fog temperature control and the standby of anytime has been realized through modern high-tech intelligent microelectronics technology on the E-cigarette.

it appeared according to foreign requirements initially, because the smoking was prohibited by laws and regulations in many public places abroad. The living level of foreigners is generally high and the rich are more who are strict to quality of life. So the design of E-cigarette is for exporting firstly. At that time, there were also some brand domestic, but the price was very expensive. And nearly all of them are sold for exporting and almost no was sold in China. So many people don’t know about it. But with the arrival of financial crisis, many export products were sold in China, so the price turned down slowly.