The Importance of Carrying a EHIC Card When Traveling In the EU

When finalizing their  EU travelling arrangements, many UK citizens commit the  big mistake of forgetting to confirm  their travelling documents, only to reach the airport or travel destination and realize they forgot to carry one important document with them, well known European Health Insurance card (EHIC). The reality of the situation sinks even deeper when you find yourself admitted in an unknown Public hospital and with no valid travel insurance document to cover you. By having a valid EHIC card near you, you can rescue yourself and your family members from such a situation as through the card, you will have access to free or subsidized medical treatment for your well being.

Important Added Benefits of the EHIC Card

Secure Traveling: as a UK traveler, the EHIC card acts as a form of medical security during your business or holiday trip as with it you will be able to accessing quality medical services for free or at minimal cost across Britain, Sweden, and other European Union member states. In cases where NHS or travel insurance policy is not be enough to cover your medical bills; the EHIC card will do it for you.

Saves Money: with a EHIC card, most EEA will waiver the excesses in your medical bills. This is an excellent point to consider when budgeting for travelling expenses for yourself and family.

Equal Access to Medical Treatment: as a UK citizen and Member of the European Economy Area, one of the many advantages of having a renewed EHIC card is that when you fall sick while in another state other than your own, you will receive medical care services befitting of a local citizen. This is important in giving you the confidence that whenever you fall sick outside the UK, you will still be well taken care off

Get Extended Health Services: the EHIC services are quite comprehensive to cater for also your medical needs. If for instance you are pregnant or have been involved in a road accident, the EHIC card ensures that you are able to pay for medical checkups and any bills amounting from medical treatment at the hospital.

As a UK citizen, having a medical condition such as kidney failure should not worry or stop you from exploring the vast and beautiful European Economic Areas. Tha is because the EHIC card also covers for Kidney dialysis treatment.


Carrying an EHIC card when traveling in EU is a clever step in securing your travel experience across the EU. It provides you with a chance to enjoy free, subsidized and quality services across the European Economic Area. Include it among your travel documents and see how well it works for you.

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