Using Airbnb

Launched in 2008 Airbnb is a popular choice for people traveling around the world helping them find suitable accommodation in a number of cities in Europe and Worldwide.

Advice for for Airbnb hosts or want to try renting a property yourself we will discuss it in this short post.

Airbnb is regarded as a great way of saving money while having a great travel experience.


With Airbnb it is possible to rent a variety of properties from villas to a yacht but it does not stop there. It is also possible to rent out a spare room in someones home while the owners are still living there. You can do this for long or shot periods of time.

There is a huge choice to pick from with well over half a million listings spanning just under two hundred countries.

With such a huge amount of listings you can pretty much stay anywhere. You do not have to stick to the main tourist part of a particular town. You may have local knowledge and you are visiting a town for a few days you may find a specific property to rent in an are that you would otherwise not really think about staying in.


This may benefit you if you are visiting a popular event like a festival and are only looking at a three or four day stay.

If you are a little hesitant in booking a property or are slightly nervous about staying in a strangers house, there are certain safety measures that are put in place by Airbnb to add to your safety and security giving you peace of mind.

Every will have to provide identification that has to be scanned and verified. Also the phone number is verified also so you can not just put random contact detail.

In conclusion, if you are looking to rent somewhere a little different check out the listings to find something that suits you best.

For more Airbnb management tips and advice please go to the Yourwelcome site.

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